Welcome to the site of the 21st IEEE Symposium on Communications and Vehicular Technology in the Benelux (IEEE SCVT 2014). Established in 1993, the Symposium is an annual event organized by the IEEE chapter on Communications and Vehicular Technology. The Symposium is aimed at presenting and discussing the latest scientific and technical advances in communication systems and vehicular communication technology.


Tentative program


09:30 Registration + coffee


10:00 Welcome by chair


10:10 Keynote– Prof. Bala Natarajan: Power and communication Networks – An inevitable convergence


11:00 Oral presentations

1. Appropriate Selection of Urban Vehicle-to-Vehicle Radio Propagation Models - Tristan Gaugel and Hannes Hartenstein

2. Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks Detection in MANETs Using Bayesian Classifiers - M. Rmayti, Y. Begriche, R. Khatoun, L. Khoukhi and D. Gaiti

3. Multi-User Downlink Resource Allocation with per-Base Station Power Constraints - Krishna Chitti, Xiaochen Tan and Stephan ten Brink


12:00 Poster pitches


12:20 Poster presentations

4. Connecting the Houses at FttH with Respect for Social Costs: Solving a Streiner Tree Problem with Timing Benefits - Frank Phillipson

5. Single-tone Interference in Noise-based Frequency offset Modulation - Ibrahim Bilal, Arjan Meijerink and Mark J. Bentum

6. Design and performance evaluation of a DSP visible light communication receiver - Alin-Mihai Cailean, Barthélemy Cagneau, Luc Chassagne, Valentin Popa and Mihai Dimian

7. Measurements and performance of large MIMO systems at 2.4 GHz for indoor WLAN - Qing Wang, ZiZheng Cao, Diptanil Debbarma, Ignas Niemegeers and Sonia Heemstra de Groot

8. Green Hybrid Fi-Wi LAN - Diptanil Debbarma, S. Zou, Qing Wang, Anthony Lo, Ignas Niemegeers and Sonia Heemstra de Groot

9. On the Robustness of a Cooperative Turbo Coded System to Channel Estimation Errors - H. Tayakout, K. Ghanem and S. H. Bousbia

10. Recursive Spatial Multiplexing in Interference-Limited Indoor Scenarios - Ibrahim A. Shah, Dirk Dahlhaus, Usama Y. Mohamad, Nour Mansour and Thomas Hunziker

11. Energy Efficient Optical Backbone Networks: A Dynamic Threshold Approach - P. Melidis, P. Nicopolitidis, G. Papadimitriou and E. Varvarigos


13:00 lunch


13:45 Poster presentations

12. Downlink Throughput Characterization of RoF based Hybrid Fi-Wi LAN - Diptanil Debbarma, Qing Wang, Ignas Niemegeers, Sonia Heemstra de Groot

13. A survey on the usage of DSRC and VLC in communication-based vehicle safety applications - Alin-Mihai Cailean, Barthélemy Cagneau, Luc Chassagne, Valentin Popa and Mihai Dimian

14. On applying Firefly Algorithm For Cognitive Radio Networks - N. Ali Saoucha, K. Ghanem and B. Benmammar

15. An Antenna Selection Method for Two-Way Relay Networks - Javad Sayehvand and S. Mohammad Razavizadeh

16. FPGA Based pi/4-DQPSK Complex Wavelet Packet Modulation - Hikmat N. Abdullah, Fadhil Sahib and Alejandro A. Valenzuela

17. A 60-GHz Injection Locked Oscillator for Self-demodulation Ultra-low Power Radio in 65-nm CMOS - Hao Gao, Marion K. Matters-Kammerer, Xia Li, Dusan Milosevic, Arthur van Roermund and Peter G.M. Baltus

18. Transmitter Location Estimation for Radio Environment Map Construction using Software Defined Radio - Mustafa Tugrul Ozsahin and Tuna Tugcu

19. Improving Safety Message Dissemination in IEEE 802.11e Based VANETs Using Direction Oriented Controlled Repetition Technique - Ghazal Farrokhi and Saadan Zokaei

20. QoS provisioning by cross-layer feedback control - Gianmarco Panza, Sara Grilli, Esa Piri and Janne Vehkaperä


14:30 Invited presentation

21. 7 Challenges to Effective Resilience Engineering - Christian Doerr


14:50 Oral presentations

22. Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Downlink Resource Allocation in LTE: exploiting the Cell-edge vs. Cell-center trade-off - Alessandro Chiumento, Carolina Blanch, Claude Desset, Sofie Pollin, Liesbet Van der Perre and Rudy Lauwereins

23. Cooperative Cognitive Spectrum Sensing Using Optimized DFT Filter Banks - Ubaid ur Rehman, Dirk Dahlhausand Thomas Hunziker


15:30 break


16:00 Oral presentation

24. Modelling Message Flows in Networked Lighting Control Systems using Trickle and CSMA - Daniel Viramontes Pérez and Jean-Paul M.G. Linnartz


16:20 Invited presentation

25. Towards Content-Centric Geometric Routing - Wouter Tavernier, Sahel Sahhaf, Didier Colle, Mario Pickavetand Piet Demeester


16:40 awards + closing