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09:30 Registration + coffee
10:00 Welcome by chair
10:10 Keynote– Prof. Bala Natarajan: Power and communication Networks – An inevitable convergence
11:00 Oral presentations
1. Appropriate Selection of Urban Vehicle-to-Vehicle Radio Propagation Models - Tristan Gaugel and Hannes Hartenstein
2. Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks Detection in MANETs Using Bayesian Classifiers - M. Rmayti, Y. Begriche, R. Khatoun, L. Khoukhi and D. Gaiti
3. Multi-User Downlink Resource Allocation with per-Base Station Power Constraints - Krishna Chitti, Xiaochen Tan and Stephan ten Brink
12:00 Poster pitches
12:20 Poster presentations
4. Connecting the Houses at FttH with Respect for Social Costs: Solving a Streiner Tree Problem with Timing Benefits - Frank Phillipson
5. Single-tone Interference in Noise-based Frequency offset Modulation - Ibrahim Bilal, Arjan Meijerink and Mark J. Bentum
6. Design and performance evaluation of a DSP visible light communication receiver - Alin-Mihai Cailean, Barthélemy Cagneau, Luc Chassagne, Valentin Popa and Mihai Dimian
7. Measurements and performance of large MIMO systems at 2.4 GHz for indoor WLAN - Qing Wang, ZiZheng Cao, Diptanil Debbarma, Ignas Niemegeers and Sonia Heemstra de Groot
8. Green Hybrid Fi-Wi LAN - Diptanil Debbarma, S. Zou, Qing Wang, Anthony Lo, Ignas Niemegeers and Sonia Heemstra de Groot
9. On the Robustness of a Cooperative Turbo Coded System to Channel Estimation Errors - H. Tayakout, K. Ghanem and S. H. Bousbia
10. Recursive Spatial Multiplexing in Interference-Limited Indoor Scenarios - Ibrahim A. Shah, Dirk Dahlhaus, Usama Y. Mohamad, Nour Mansour and Thomas Hunziker
11. Energy Efficient Optical Backbone Networks: A Dynamic Threshold Approach - P. Melidis, P. Nicopolitidis, G. Papadimitriou and E. Varvarigos
13:00 lunch
13:45 Poster presentations
12. Downlink Throughput Characterization of RoF based Hybrid Fi-Wi LAN - Diptanil Debbarma, Qing Wang, Ignas Niemegeers, Sonia Heemstra de Groot
13. A survey on the usage of DSRC and VLC in communication-based vehicle safety applications - Alin-Mihai Cailean, Barthélemy Cagneau, Luc Chassagne, Valentin Popa and Mihai Dimian
14. On applying Firefly Algorithm For Cognitive Radio Networks - N. Ali Saoucha, K. Ghanem and B. Benmammar
15. An Antenna Selection Method for Two-Way Relay Networks - Javad Sayehvand and S. Mohammad Razavizadeh
16. FPGA Based pi/4-DQPSK Complex Wavelet Packet Modulation - Hikmat N. Abdullah, Fadhil Sahib and Alejandro A. Valenzuela
17. A 60-GHz Injection Locked Oscillator for Self-demodulation Ultra-low Power Radio in 65-nm CMOS - Hao Gao, Marion K. Matters-Kammerer, Xia Li, Dusan Milosevic, Arthur van Roermund and Peter G.M. Baltus
18. Transmitter Location Estimation for Radio Environment Map Construction using Software Defined Radio - Mustafa Tugrul Ozsahin and Tuna Tugcu
19. Improving Safety Message Dissemination in IEEE 802.11e Based VANETs Using Direction Oriented Controlled Repetition Technique - Ghazal Farrokhi and Saadan Zokaei
20. QoS provisioning by cross-layer feedback control - Gianmarco Panza, Sara Grilli, Esa Piri and Janne Vehkaperä
14:30 Invited presentation
21. 7 Challenges to Effective Resilience Engineering - Christian Doerr
14:50 Oral presentations
22. Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Downlink Resource Allocation in LTE: exploiting the Cell-edge vs. Cell-center trade-off - Alessandro Chiumento, Carolina Blanch, Claude Desset, Sofie Pollin, Liesbet Van der Perre and Rudy Lauwereins
23. Cooperative Cognitive Spectrum Sensing Using Optimized DFT Filter Banks - Ubaid ur Rehman, Dirk Dahlhausand Thomas Hunziker
15:30 break
16:00 Oral presentation
24. Modelling Message Flows in Networked Lighting Control Systems using Trickle and CSMA - Daniel Viramontes Pérez and Jean-Paul M.G. Linnartz
16:20 Invited presentation
25. Towards Content-Centric Geometric Routing - Wouter Tavernier, Sahel Sahhaf, Didier Colle, Mario Pickavetand Piet Demeester
16:40 awards + closing